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All artwork must be submitted as camera ready in either hard copy or electronic format.  Below are some guidelines for each.  If “cleanup’ is needed on any artwork submitted, time is charged at $40 per hour. 

CAMERA-READY ARTWORK: To be considered camera ready, artwork must be professionally printed in high quality black line art on white paper.  Artwork containing multiple colors should be “color separated” with registration marks.

Attach artwork to email and sent to:  art@goteez.com

  • Artwork can be accepted by email or cd rom.
  • The most compatible formats are CorelDraw (ver. 10 or older), Freehand (ver. MX   or older), Illustrator (ver. 8 or older), Photoshop (ver. CS or older)
  • For the two formats above, please convert all text to curves or outlines.
  • Bitmap images (.jpg, .bmp, .tif, .pdf)  are acceptable only in black and white in   300 dpi or larger.
  • Word files are acceptable for text only  (Word ‘05 or older) but please include the   fonts.
  • • Always include a faxed copy of the artwork with actual dimensions of art clearly   stated. (fax toll free 866-847-0308)
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